Calling Me Home - A Book of Nature Spirit
Audio Version Volume I

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Donna Boadway

Calling Me Home is a collection of original natural verses, written to soothe the soul and lift the spirit. It is a compilation of my personal journey of self-discovery. It is with great enthusiasm that I present "Calling Me Home " in its audio format, a selection of poems from the printed version. Each verse is presented within an expressive framework of music and the sounds of nature. The pictures painted here will challenge the thought process, invoke recognition and joy, initiate inspiration and gift a little peace to your day. It is a musically illustrated expression of the intimate relationship that I share and enjoy with Mother Earth. My wish is to convey the significance of the inter-relatedness of man with this planet and to emphasize a vigorous esteem for the unconditional oneness of the place which we all call home. May we learn from one another, from the magnificent metamorphosis of a tiny damsel fly to the miraculous arrival of a newborn. Each life has purpose; each life has uniqueness; each life has the right to existence with equivalent importance and specialty. Enjoy listening and visually capturing the spirit in which each poetic presentation was created. May you follow your dreams. May life become filled with the beauty and understanding of the natural world. Sit back and quietly listen. Allow yourself to feel the words and sounds that you are hearing.

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